Storming Juno Interactive is an online extension to the History Television docudrama about the Canadian Forces who stormed Juno beach on D-Day, June 6, 1944. The docudrama is an intense snapshot of three young soldiers: A Paratrooper, an Infantry Lieutenant and a Tank Sergeant who against incredible odds managed to complete their missions. The website extends these stories even further to include dozens of real-life veteran and witness D-day accounts, accessed through a 360-degree rotating view of Juno Beach, Normandy. Users can share these accounts on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks.


We were asked to extend the narrative of the feature 90-minute docudrama and tell the stories of veterans that weren't profiled in the film due to scheduling and budgetary constraints. The goal was to capture the film’s tone and aesthetics, and create an engaging experience for both the broadcaster’s demographic and a more global audience.


We partnered with the Historica Dominion Institute to select and edit compelling veteran and witness accounts, biographies and other artifacts. We created an immersive 360-degree environment for the stories, allowing users to feel like they landed on Juno Beach on D-Day frozen in time. It incorporates film clips, photography and CGI elements to match the film’s narrative and aesthetics. Viewers can rotate around a custom matte painting, pan across the landscape and move in and out of graphical "hotspots" to unlock film clips, veteran stories and artifacts. We used motion graphics to create the feeling of being “pushed” forward into the scene.

The stories are categorized into sections, and we designed a selection interface allowing the producers to add more stories without a major redesign. We also made them easily shareable by deep-linking the different sections, also allowing for more accurate analytics tracking.


On launch day, the site generated over 80,000 pageviews, and an average time spent of seven minutes. It won several awards, including a Gemini and an FWA, and was featured in many industry publications, such as, Playback and Real Screen. Fans of the film expressed great interest in the site and use it as their own educational resource. The site has also allowed fans to contact the producers to praise the work and share their own personal, family stories about the war and D-Day.

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